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Greetings from the ALL NEW 

Friends of the Chelmsford Dog Park

New Beginnings

It was recently decided to divide the Chelmsford Dog Association into two volunteer entities in order to accomplish more for our dog community:

1. The Chelmsford Dog Association (CDA) which will continue to do community outreach and educational seminars.

2. The all new Friends of Chelmsford Dog Park (FCDP), which was created to specifically maintain and manage the Chelmsford Dog Park (things like repairs, growing grass, stocking supplies, maintaining water fountains, etc.)


Friends of the Chelmsford Dog Park Is A New Volunteer Organization

We hope everyone will help the new board during our transition into our new 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. From our new website, new FaceBook page, new fundraising initiatives and, of course, renewed energy taking care of our beautiful park! Our new board members are listed here and we are ready to hear you and serve you.  


After all, The FCDP is an inclusive organization, very interested in the thoughts of our community and we welcome your comments, opinions and suggestions on a multitude of areas.  Please watch this site, our FaceBook page or say, "Hi", to our board members who are always at the park. 

Note: The FCDP will be creating its own membership, fees and mailing lists soon.  

If you would like to know all the players in our doggie world:


Dog Park Advisory Committee [DPAC]

This is a town committee that is ultimately responsible for the dog park.  Any major work the park needs is approved by the DPAC. It also controls the allocation of funds from grants and rentals to the park. You can find more information on the DPAC at:


Chelmsford Dog Association [CDA]

This is the original non-profit group that was created to maintain the park, run seminars and conduct community outreach (with our new change, the maintenance portion is moved to the FCDP). Some websites of the CDA are:


Friends of the Chelmsford Dog Park [FCDP]

This new group was created to maintain and manage the park. We are an independent, non-profit group.  The exact scope and duties of FCDP is still being worked on ,as well as, our contact and social media information. Stay tuned!



The FCDP is a 5 person board made up of a diverse group of park goers.  We are working on making the park the best it can be by being transparent, all-inclusive and responsive to your needs.

We also have 3 people dedicated to other important posts at the park.

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Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 2.03.27 PM



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