Hi everyone! It is my pleasure to introduce myself with my best friend, Chewie, as the new president of Friends of Chelmsford Dog Park (FCDP)! (most of you have met Chewie, because we are at the park twice a day). I'm so excited to help all dog owners in Chelmsford and surrounding towns have a wonderful, friendly and inviting visit to your dog home-away-from-home. My goal is to make FCDP the friendliest dog park in New England but I can't do it without your help. Feel free to email me with your questions or concerns at any time and we will do this together: Randy@RandyBarth.com



I started going to the park when I first got Luna in the summer of '69 [kidding it was 2017] and she was a handful.  I started going to the park twice a day with her and because I was there a lot I started to help out as much as I could.  This lead me to being voted onto the CDA Board in 2018 where I served for a year before switching to being on the board of FCDP with 4 other great people who have shown a huge desire to help maintain the park.  If you see me around the park, please feel free to come over and say hello.


I'm looking forward to serving our community of dog owners as a board member for the Friends of Chelmsford Dog Park (FCDP). There are so many opportunities to build on the great foundation established by the CDA and DPAC, and so we will collaborate with these boards to make our dog park a destination. As the Chairperson for the drainage project, and Administrator of the Chelmsford Dog Park FB group I will be reaching out to park goers for feedback and participation. If you see me and my partner in crime, Lando, at the park feel free to reach out. Always happy to answer any questions or assist.



I am grateful to be part of the Chelmsford Dog Park community, Sawyer and I are there after school everyday.  In the winter, I wear a long green coat and the dogs often mistake me for a tree.  I look forward to meeting even more park goers and listening to their experiences.  I pledge to work hard to continually improve the CDP experience.  I will be working on budgeting, volunteering and membership for the FCDP board.

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I am excited to be on the board of the Friends of the Chelmsford Dog Park. I look forward to working with my fellow board members, board members of the CDA, and DPAC to make the Chelmsford Dog Park the most desirable dog park in the area! Quin and I are at the dog park daily. Please feel free to approach me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have for our park. My main focus is park maintenance, park safety, and creating a warm and welcoming environment for all current and future park goers. 


Rachel M'Lock

Fundraising Committee Chair - fundraising@friendsofcdp.org

I first started coming to the Chelmsford Dog Park not long after adopting my pup, Bernard, from a local rescue group in fall of 2018. The park has such an amazing community that has supported and helped me and B through hard times - from Bernard trying to figure out how to socialize and me trying to figure out the boundaries of him being a dog and being a jerk (hey, it happens). During summer of 2019, I joined the CDA to help make the park a wonderful place for all to enjoy. I was part of the planning committee for the Dog Days of Summer at Navigation Brewery and spearheaded the Spare Change September fundraiser and Howl'ween in October. It's my hope to keep this PAW-sitive community growing and thriving through the FCDP's amazing participants' donations of time and money. If you have any questions about fundraisers or are interested in hearing about our plans, feel free to ask me...while I follow Bernard around the park.


Mark Mellow

Maintenance Committee Chair - maintenance@friendsofcdp.org

I first started coming to the CDP in March 2019 with my newly adopted giant Pomeranian, Princeton. I was cornered by Lauren and Paul and asked about growing grass because they saw I was wearing my work uniform. Ever since, I have been working with the board to maintain a safe park. I have managed turf at high end country clubs and NFL facilities since graduating college in 2017, and I am thrilled to work with the FCDP to maintain the park.


Lisa Grasso

Early mornings usually find me and my speedy catahoula,Bowie at our park, pretty much daily. A team player, call me the utility outfielder if you will. My vision as the Chelmsford Dog Park's Roving Reporter (Rover? lol ) is to keep everyone connected and continue to build our amazing community. Primarily through our newsletter and person to person connections, and ultimately through building strong relationships within the park we can all help bring the Chelmsford Dog Park from a fun place for our pups to the best dog park in Massachusetts.